This website was created in July 2011, with the aim to present Uroš Vagaja, famous Slovenian artist, who left an indelible mark during his life, both in Slovenia and other states of ex-Yugoslavia. The website contains information about his life and work, meaning that this site is biographical.

My name is Milena Vagaja. I am one of four Vagaja’s grandchildren and I am the creator of this site. The purpose of creating Uroš Vagaja website is to present Uroš outside Slovenia. Works in which Uroš’s colleagues and Uroš himself have participated in the fields of architecture, graphic design, painting, scenography, have left great mark and become history in these fields of art. Most of Vagaja’s works are presented here at one place, so all of those who are not familiar with his work, will be able to see them and to be specifically informed.

One part of the articles and works posted on this site was taken from the exhibition catalog titled “Uroš Vagaja, Oblikovanje v pedesetih in šestdesetih letih” , published by Arhitekturni muzej Ljubljana, 1991 and from the website www.spletna-galerija.net / museum collections.

The other part was taken from the family archives.

The site is not profitable.